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Browse & Buy
Search through our extensive inventory to find the specialized equipment your business needs to grow.
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Pay Your Way
Choose how you want to pay for the equipment - whether it’s a direct purchase from the seller or through flexible financing or leasing.
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Boost Your Cash Flow
Take advantage of our equipment financing solutions to reduce your upfront costs and improve your cash flow.
Instant Access to Equipment
Lack of equipment can cause a bottleneck in your pipeline. Fortunately, our service connects ambitious businesses to the equipment they need. Browse our inventory to find what you’re looking for and get it delivered to you quickly and efficiently.
Even if you choose not to buy equipment through Quip Direct, we can help you get approved for any equipment anywhere on the same day.
Flexible Financing Options
Looking to grow your business? Don’t let lack of equipment hold you back. From independent contractors to construction giants, we support a variety of companies across the industry to gain access to specialized equipment.

We recognise that the needs of your business will depend entirely on your objectives, your budget and the type of operation you are running. So, we offer our valued customers the option of paying for an item directly or securing equipment finance. The process is easy, quick and can be completed online with a few simple steps.

Our minimum finance amount is $1500, but we have no maximum. And, depending on the equipment and the year it was manufactured, we can finance up to 84 months.
Ongoing expert support
Thanks to our expertise in the market, you can count on the team at Quip Direct to make sure you get the best term and interest rate available.

Current interest rates start as low as 4.99%, and are based on your credit rating and the current lending bank rates. Whatever your circumstances, we’ll work with you to find the best financing agreement that suits your needs.

Not sure on the best option? We’ll be glad to arrange a consultation and give you bespoke advice on the best approach to secure new and used equipment. Get in touch today and let us know how we can help.
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