Top Rubber Replacement Suction Plates 125x75x17mm CNC Vacuum Pod Cover 4-011-11-0196 New

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125x75x17mm CNC Vacuum Pad Cover Vacuum Cups and Pods Rubber Replacement Plates Top vacuum plate

Model: 125x75x17mm, Same as OEM P/N:4-011-11-0196

This rubber vacuum suction cup is the replacement plates for PTP cnc centers. It is the top pod cover for for Homag Weeke Style pod covers. The vacuum clamp pods are widely used with CNC machining centers: HOMAG, Weeke, IMA, Felder, Holz-Her, Busselato, Reichenbacher, etc.

CNC vacuum pods rubber pads models:

Same as OEM P/N: 4-011-11-0079
Same as OEM P/N: 4-011-11-0196
Same as OEM P/N: 4-011-11-0071
Same as OEM P/N: 4-011-11-0192
Same as OEM P/N: 4-011-11-0340

Suction-Plate for vacuum block top:
VCSP-O 125x75x16.5, Part no.:
VCSP-O 140x115x16.5, Part no.:
VCSP-O 120x50x15.5, Part no.:
ISRPL 130x30x5.5, Part no.:
VCSP-O 120x120x16.5, Part no.:
VCSP-O 140x130x16.5, Part no.:

Suction plate for vacuum block bottom:
VCSP-U 140x115x16.5 VCBL-K1, Part no.:
160x115x16.5 VCBL-K2, Part no.:

Vacuum clamping pod covers sizes:








Please tell the size you need, and send the picture, then we can find the correct cnc router vacuum cups for you.

We supply the entire range of CNC vacuum clamping products used on most USA, German and Italian woodworking machineries like Anderson, Biesse, Buesellato, Homag, Holz-Her, IMA, Masterwood, Morbidelli, Routech, SCM Group, Felder, and WEEKE including pods and pads from Schmalz. vacuum pads for Homag,Weeke Style pod covers.

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Model 4-011-11-0196